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To conduct a business activity in Armenia registration of a company, basically of an LLC is required. The expediency of a business activity, by means of a LLC registration, is firstly conditioned by the legislative opportunity of incurring limited liability. The founder of a company, as compared to the registration of a PE, does not put his/her property at a risk in the case of suffering losses.

A company is being created by the means of receiving state registration. An application for ''company formation'' or for registration of an LLC can be applied as by personally, as by a representative: by means of an employee of a law firm. A company acts for its name, has a property attached to it by the right of ownership, and incurs liability only by that property.


An Attorney request: Practical implementation issues of the Article 18 paragraph 3 about ''the Law of Attorney'' of RA.

Weather an attorney is obliged to substantiate the grounds for the request

According to Article 18 paragraph 3 of ''The Law of Attorney'' of RA (June 06, 2016 editorial) an attorney has a right to:
3) apply state, local authorities, entrepreneurs, legal entities  (hereinafter referred to as economic entities) in the request of receiving necessary documents (information) for providing juridical assistance.

The definition of e-arbitration

The official start of e-arbitration was dated back in 1996 when within Virtual Magistrate project a decision on the dispute was rendered after entirely electronic proceedings were conducted14. Now gradually becoming more and more popular, e-arbitration could be a future of small and medium claims arbitrations taking into account the certain advantages of e-arbitration discussed below.

In a very perfectionist way the e-arbitration also called “online arbitration” or “cyber arbitration” could be defined as a type of arbitration where the entire process of arbitration from A to Z (from the beginning to the end) is conducted with the application of information and communication technology solutions such as emails, video conferencing, e-signatures, real-time communication systems (chats), special software etc.

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