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iLex Law Firm can help you and your business address and resolve bankruptcy, insolvency and other financial issues with our straightforward approach and cost-effective solutions in Armenia.
Using an inexperienced attorney for bankruptcy may result in your losing assets, or losing the discharge of your debts.
Our attorneys are certified Legal Specialist in Bankruptcy Law - Bankruptcy Trustees .This certification is obtained by passing an additional examination in bankruptcy law, thus You will work directly with lawyers who are certified legal specialists in bankruptcy law. We handle all types of bankruptcy cases,

Creditors Voluntary Liquidations (“CVL”)

In certain circumstances there may no longer be a viable ongoing business and the Company’s life needs to be brought to an end.
It is important to deal with this properly to avoid personal liability issues for directors.
Where the company is insolvent, defined as being either inability to meet its liabilities as they fall due or where its debts (including contingent liabilities)are greater than the value of its assets, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation may be the most appropriate process.

Services We Offer:
    Legal advice and counsel for all bankruptcy issues.
    Individual, Small Business & Corporate Bankruptcy.
    Means Testing (do you qualify for bankruptcy?).
    Emergency Bankruptcy Filings.
    Settlements and Financial Workouts.
    Debtor and Creditor Representation.
    Bankruptcy Litigation.
    Acquisition of assets in bankruptcy.

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