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There are certain legal options for establishing business (commercial activities) in the Republic of Armenia:

General information on company formation in Armenia

  1. limited liability companies;
  2. sole entrepreneurs;
  3. joint-stock companies (open and closed);
  4. business partnerships (full partnerships and trust partnerships);
  5. supplementary liability companies;
  6. cooperatives;
  7. branches.
  8. Representative offices of foreign companies can be established in Armenia for the purposes of representation and protection of the rights of its founding company but are not entitled to perform commercial activities

Incorporation of organizations and sole entrepreneurs
Legal entities, their separate subdivisions (branches and representative offices) and sole entrepreneurs are subject to state registration in the Republic of Armenia. State registration includes also registration with the tax authorities. The one-stop shop principle is applied in the process of state registration (including registration of the firm name, state registration of the company itself and registration with the tax authorities). The required documents can be submitted either in hard copies
or electronically.
The registration of commercial entities is made immediately (if documents are submitted electronically or approved templates of the required documents are used) or within 2 working days (in other cases).  

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