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iLex Law Firm assists clients throughout the world in securing patent, trademark and copyright protection in the Republic of Armenia. We also help  clients worldwide get protection in foreign countries.foreign-protection Armenia

Foreign Patents
Foreign Trademarks
Foreign Copyrights

 The rights grated by a country IP office have no effect in foreign countries. Almost every country has its own patent and trademark law, so a person desiring a patent or a trademark in a particular country must apply for a patent and trademark in accordance with the requirements of that country.

Laws in most foreign countries differs from each other. Often, a patent must be filed before any documentation about the invention is published
The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property is an international treaty by which 168 countries in which each country guarantees foreigners the same patent rights extended to citizens of that country. It also provides for the "right of priority," meaning that a patent application filed in one country may be given the same filing date in other member countries, if the subsequent filings are within a specified time period (6 or 12 months, depending on the patent). The right of priority is important because it ensures that publications and competing patents that might invalidate the inventor's application do not count against the inventor.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty has more than 124 member nations and provides for centralized filing procedures and a standard application format. Regional patent centers now facilitate a single international filing date for each application. This international filing also affords centralized patent research for each invention and extended time periods for filing the patent in each country.

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