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Marriage registration in Armenia

In the Republic of Armenia the legislative framework for marriage between a local and a foreign spouse consists mainly of the Law on the "Registration of the Acts of Civil Status" of the Republic of Armenia adopted in December 08, 2004, Civil Code of RA and Family Code of RA.
Marriage is an act of civil status subject to the state registration.

Per the article 3 paragraph 2 of the Law on the “Registration of the Acts of Civil Status“Marriage is a type of an act of civil status subject to the State Registration.

Registration is performed by bodies of state registration of acts of civil status (further – as Civil registry office or Registry office)

Article 24.
The basis for marriage registration

the basis for state registration of the marriage is the joint application of spouses.

Article 25.
The Place of the State registration of marriage

The place of the state registration of marriage is the Civil Registry of the one of the spouses’ residence.

Article 26.
Marriage Application

1. Couples shall fill a written joint application for the marriage to the Civil Registry.
2. The joint application shall reflect mutual consent of the couples, marital age, and the absence of the circumstances which might constitute a deterrent of such marriage as prescribed by the Family Code of the Republic of Armenia.

3. The following information must be indicated in the application for marriage.

a) the name of each of married persons, family name, nationality, place and time of the birth, citizenship, place of residence, education, employment and occupation.

b) the surname of married persons to be elected after the state registration of marriage.

c) marital status.

d) Spouses identity documents data.

e) Other required information.

4. Couples sign the marriage application indicating the date of the application.

5. Documents required for the marriage application

a) Passports of the couples

b) if the person was previously was in a marriage, the document on the termination of the previous marriage.

c) if the person is 16 or 17 years of marriage, the consent of the parents, adoptive parents or guardians  notarially certified or such written consent filled directly to the Civil Registry.

6. Foreigner residing in the Republic of Armenia Republic of Armenia, stateless persons, and Armenian citizens permanently residing in foreign countries shall be required to apply for an approval from the Ministry of Justice to get marriage registration in Armenia either such registration shall take place between them or with an Armenian citizen.

7. If a person shall not be able to attend to Civil registry for a joint application referred to in paragraph 1 personally, such expression of the will might be formulated in separate statement. The signatures in such statement   must be ratified per the regulations of the law.

(Article 26 supplemented by HO-64-N 23.05.06, 30.04.13 HO-27-N)

Article 27.
State registration of the marriage

1.The state registration of the Marriage in the Civil Registry is carried on the date indicated on the joint application of the spouses, but not earlier than on the 10th day following the date of submission of the application and no later than after three months of such application. The 10-day deadline for the registration of marriage based on the joint application of the spouses may be reduced for a sound reason. Such sound reasons shall be …

Article 28.
Recordal of the surnames of the spouses  after state registration of the marriage

Spouses shall chose the surname registration to be reflected in the marriage registration records by their wish (common surname or keeping a premarital surnames).

If the couples choose a common surname, it may be recorded by one of the spouses surname or such a surname which contains the surname of husband and wife at the same time. Common surnames cannot contain more than two and recorded hyphenated.

Article 29.
The content of the record of Marriage Act

The following information is filled in the entry of Marriage Act.

a) the surname of each of the spouses (before marriage and after marriage) name, father’s name, nationality, place and time of birth, citizenship, place of residence, education, employment and occupation, marital status (widowed, divorced, not married).

b) spouses identity documents and   signatures.

c) the date of the entry of Marriage Act, the number and the place of state registration of marriage (the name of the Civil Registry).

d) the names, surnames and signatures of witnesses  

e) the marriage certificate serial number.

f) other required information.

Article 30.
Marriage certificate

Marriage certificate contains the following information:

a) the name of each of the spouses, father’s names, family names (before marriage and after marriage), nationality, according to the   Marriage Act, the time and place of birth, citizenship.

b) the date and the number of entry of Marriage Act.

c) The place of state registration of marriage (The name of Civil Registry).

d) the date of issuance of certificate of marriage.

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