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The Law on Tax Advantages for Self-Employed persons came into a force on 01 January 2017, which constitutes total tax free regime on certain activities in Armenia. The law is enforceable both on physical persons and private entrepreneurs. In the first case the latest will obtain a TAX number, when applying for the Advantages to the tax authorities.

The law has an exemption for VAT and an excise duty which are payable in ordinary course.The tax exemption applies to self-employed persons where the revenue from sales of all types of goods during the previous calendar year (hereinafter referred to as turnover) does not exceed AMD 9.0 million .

Self-employed meeting the conditions provided for in the Article 3 of the Law will commence benefiting from tax concessions commencing the next month after the application has been filled on their registration tax authority, the latest will grant a   tax exemption privilege patent within 1 working day/ The application form and the procedure established by the tax authorities.

Self-employed persons do not submit reports (calculations, declarations, information) to the tax authorities by the Law.

List of activities eligible for total tax exemptions

| 1. | The Activities for public needs  
manufacturing of shoes and leather accessories, footwear and leather goods repair
Manufacture and repair of clothing production and repair hats
Carpet and rug manufacturing and repair
Production of wooden goods, furniture and home furnishings
No jewelry manufacturing and repair
computer equipment, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners and other home appliances repair, software maintenance
Manufacture of bicycles and wheelchairs,
repair of personal and household goods
economic and ornate ceramic products other porcelain and ceramic products
| 2. | Watches, instrument repair, musical instruments repair
| 3. | Professional skills courses
| 4. | Language training courses
| 5. | Preparatory courses for admission to higher institutions
| 6. | Dancing and Singing Activities

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