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Adopted by the Law of June 9, 2017, which will come into effect on January 1, 2018, an alarm system on Corruption is being established in the Republic of Armenia.

Any person knowing of corruption facts may report this information even anonymously through submitting relevant data to Uniform E-platform on Corruption, and the competent authority will not be entitled to take actions to disclose the identity of the reporter’s personal information.

A unified e-platform for reporting will be set up for operation by July 1, 2018.
Reporting is an act of reporter to alarm either in written form or verbally on corruption to the competent person or body on the infringements detected in the state and local self-governing bodies, public institutions and organizations, as well as cases of corruption (offenses committed using the position), or other conflicts of interest or breach of ethics or incompatibility, or other infringements related to declaration or threats or damages relating to the public interests.
The Republic of Armenia, represented by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, guarantees the protection of the reporter ensuring its anonymity through the unified e-platform. Anonymity is guaranteed through the encryption of the Internet Protocol Address of the Reporter.  
The unified electronic platform provides relevant access for the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia.
The reporter shall alarm anonymously through submitting relevant information to the unified electronic platform, which should also have the capability to retrieve information and facts related to anonymous reporting through feedbacks from the Reporter.
A report containing relevant features of a crime and presented though  the electronic platform shall be subject to verification in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Operative Intelligence Activity" if the information provided is sufficiently reasoned, relates to a specific official person or a body and contains data that can reasonably examined.

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