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The long lasting court proceedings for a real estate ended with the victory of iLex

The legal dispute aroused about one of the inhabited houses in the capital. The freeholder of the real estate living abroad permitted his/her kin to use it temporarily. The circumstances of living in the real estate more than ten years, of improving it somehow, caused pretension of recognizing the right of ownership by the temporary user.

In their day by day practice business entities very often conclude transactions that have cross border nature for example a company may conclude a contract with the entities from deferent country and even from different legal system. In this context, the important issue that need to be considered is which law would be applicable to the contract concluded between such entities. In this article the practical necessity of choosing the law applicable to the contract as well as several interesting issues related to the choose of law clauses would be discussed.

Failure to use as a legal ground to Cancel the registration of the trademark ‘’McDonald’’

The discussion of the matter of cancelling the trademark McDonald in the Court of Cassation of the Republic of Armenia, on the basis of failure to use of the mark.

In 2014 WEST LLC company registered in the Federation of Russia, has submitted a number of applications to the Administrative Court of RA, requesting to cancel the registrations of the trademarks owned by McDonalds Corporation (Mcdonald’s Corporation, a Delaware Corporation) and registered by the Agency of the Intellectual Property of the Republic of Armenia (McDONALD'S, RONALD McDONALD, БольшойМак, BIG MAC-registrations were maintained in 1999).

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