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       Regardless the fact whose property rights of spouses are registered toward the property, the property purchased during their marriage is considered to be the joint property of the spouses, unless otherwise provided by law or by the contract. However, spouses’ property is not considered joint, if each of them has received it as a gift or as a heritage.

   Public relations, which are arising from possession, management and use of joint property is regulated by the article 198 of the RA Civil Code.

   Especially highlighting the current problems in the implementation of the right to property management, herein we will focus on the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of the article, as well as the comments of the Court of Cassation, which according to the Judicial Code Article 15 paragraph 4 are binding for the civil case hearings with similar factual circumstances.

adoption armenia

Adoption is a legal act according to which adopters and adopted obtain rights and obligations stipulated by  law for parents and children. The secret of child adoption is protected by law.
Adoption is allowed only with regard to children and proceeding from their interests, keeping the requirements of legislation, as well as taking into consideration the possibilities of complete physical, mental, spiritual and moral development of children.
1. A person willing to adopt should prove the ability to realize best interests of child.
2. Possibility to provide physical, mental, spiritual and moral development.
Adoption by foreigners- Adopters.

 .Applicable legislation

The Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention)

Domestic legislation of Republic of Armenia.


The Subrogation in Armenian Legislation
After the adoption of RA law “On Compulsory motor liability insurance” Armenian society faced with mass application of the new legal institute which although being fixed in RA Civil Code since 1999, was not as popular just because the Insurance was not as popular in Armenia before.
While practicing law in Insurance company as a legal adviser I realized that the substance of the Subrogation is unclear not only to the ordinary people but also to many lagal practitioners and even to judges of common jurisdiction courts.
The primary goal of this law review article is to clarify the substance of the institute of Subrogation emphasizing its peculiarities and interpreting the basic lagel normes of Armenian legislation regulating it. At the same time some practical problems related to the Subrogation will be discussed below.

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