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Public procurement services in Armenia

iLex Law Firm Armenia specializes in public procurement law, representing clients across all regions of Republic of Armenia.  We provide legal services throughout all stages of the procurement process, offering project support, legal advice and opinions, litigation services, institutional reviews, and template and protocol development. Our chief specialist procurement lawyer, attorney and licensed procurement specialist Ms. Hasmik Ohnikyan can help you get the right result, offering practical advice and reducing your risks and costs.
We have developed our practice to become a key provider of best practice in this area to facilitate Procurement contracts, Invitations and Tenders. In Armenia State procurement agency is the Procurement Support Center.

We have focused on procurement law for over 4 years with a dedicated public procurement practice.

Clients come to us for advice on a wide variety of issues, ranging from procurement structuring of transactions to establishing procurement compliance programmes. We advise on contentious proceedings before the national and  courts, as well as the Commission and national regulators.

 we’ve been helping:

  •   Procuring entities and bidders on the applicability of Armenian procurement law
  •   bidders on participating in the award procedures for public works, supplies and services contracts
  •   contracting authorities on preparing and implementing public tenders and implementing detailed procurement structures
  •   contracting purchasers and suppliers in court proceedings relating to public tenders and in other contentious proceedings concerning alleged breaches of public procurement law

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