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Looking for an experienced and cost-effective franchise lawyer in Armenia? Look no further than iLex Law firm. Our franchise lawyers can assist on all franchise matters! Entering into a franchise agreement is a big decision. It’s vital that you have the franchise agreement and any related disclosure documents reviewed by a lawyer with expertise in the field of franchising.
The iLex Law Firm team includes a number of corporate lawyers with particular expertise and experience in both drafting and reviewing franchise agreements. Each of these lawyers has experience working on franchise related matters

Whether you are:
entering into a franchise agreement;
an existing franchisee or franchisor;
expanding your business into a franchise; or
have a franchise dispute,

Our lawyers can review your franchise documentation whether you’re based locally or whether you’re based abroad.
If you’re considering setting up or entering into a franchise in Armenia, make sure you work with a franchising specialist.

We have been helping with franchising in Armenia such companies as ALDO, NEXT, DEBENHAMS, BALDI, RIVER ISLAND etc.

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