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Our arbitration team provides the following services in area of the commercial arbitration

  • handling arbitrations(representation) ad hoc/institutional both with the arbitral seat in Armenia as well as with the seat in main arbitration centers London, Paris, Geneva, Stockholm,New York, Dubai, Singapore, Hong-Kong etc.
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting arbitration agreements to protect clients rights in international transactions.
  • Assistance/ representation in recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in Armenia and in other countries (members of New York 1958 Convention).
  • Assistance/ representation in setting aside/non recognition procedures of arbitration awards.

Our team possesses detailed knowledge of arbitration institutions (ICC, AAA, LCIA, SCC) applicable rules, regulations and practices. We are particularly adept at evaluating the interplay of applicable laws, arbitration acts, international treaties and their impact on the outcome of matters and the enforcement of awards.

We act for national and multinational organizations; we have a high number of repeat clients. They turn to us because they trust our skill, experience and reputation to achieve the best possible outcome.

1. Triulzi Cesare SRL v Xinyi Group (Glass) Co Ltd


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